Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Hiruy Amanuel

Hiruy Amanuel is a co-founder and managing partner of A.J. Ventures, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm that concentrates on the consumer and financial sectors. Through A.J. Ventures, Hiruy Amanuel and his business partner, Allison Littlefield, invest in seed-stage and existing firms, usually in exchange for success fees or equity. The firm’s investments typically range from between hiruy amanuel$50,000 and $500,000. One of the firm’s recent investments was in Meta, a company that develops augmented reality technology using innovative light path technology. Hiruy Amanuel spent two years studying emerging technology markets before investing in Meta, which collaborates with more than 1,000 companies and developers to create its technologies.

Prior to founding A.J. Ventures, Hiruy Amanuel worked in nightlife management. He became interested in the consumer sector while working in San Francisco. After discussing with club patrons the lucrative luxury car market, he began brokering vehicles and generated enough liquid assets to start his own brokerage. After he became involved in venture capital, the first company that he and Ms. Littlefield invested in was Autobahn Gallery, a pre-owned luxury car dealership in Dublin, California.

Outside of A.J. Ventures, Hiruy Amanuel is a dedicated philanthropist who has invested in a number of educational and technological initiatives in East Africa. By increasing access to quality education and technological resources, he hopes to drive the rapid development of groundbreaking technologies throughout the Horn of Africa.

Hiruy Amanuel also actively supports Mz Shirliz Transitional Living, a Silicon Valley program that eases the transition from incarceration or rehabilitation to independent living. The program provides a wide range of resources and job training services to help ensure the success of its participants.